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Connolly Osteopathy

Osteopathy and Medical Acupuncture
Pregnancy and Post Natal Therapy
Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Mobile Osteopath in Surrey and London

Phone: 07453 128 759

Email: [email protected]

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"​Thank you for the recent work you have done to heal my ongoing back issues.
Back pain has been something that I have had to manage since my early twenties. In recent times I have taken up triathlon and have had the support of a sports physio, which has been very beneficial. I have never used an Osteopath but have been very pleased with the effectiveness of the treatment to date, on both my back and neck. My range of movement has increased significantly and my back feels stronger. Having you on my doorstep is also a bonus and thanks for being so accommodating on treatment timing whenever I have had an acute episode."
C. Jefferson, London.
"I have been using Streatham Osteopaths for the last 6 months. I see Bernadette Connolly BSc (Hons) Ost.
I am being treated for my long term back problems, along with a few other sports related injuries. Bernadette has always been spot on with her diagnosis and treatment, her rehabilitation has helped me enormously. I am moving so much better, am far more aware of my body and its muscles and therefore am feeling and moving so much better. Berni also encourages me to do certain exercises to help the process and this is crucial to my wellbeing. I no longer need to take painkillers and for this I am incredibly grateful. I would always recommend Bernadette and her treatments."
J. Whyte, London​.

"I started to see Bernadette Connolly June of this year (2017) as I had severe pains in my lower back. 
Whatever I did, sitting, getting up, bending down and even in sleep my back was hurting.   A friend of mine recommended going to a Osteopath and recommended Streatham Osteopaths. I have never been to an Osteopath so was a bit wary and didn't know if the treatment would be successful but since June I was going every week then the following month and now my next visit is in two months.  After the treatment I have felt and feel immensly better.  I have excercises that Bernadette set me and I do them every evening, perhaps I don't need to do some that often but once you start something you have to keep it up.  Bernadette has done wonders and is an expert in what she does.  If my friends start saying that they have any pain I tell them to go to an Osteopath because I tell them I have and they need to go instead of suffering with pain. I strongly recommend it."
E. Peilmel, London.
"Bernadette has been excellent throughout my sessions (during 2016/17) treating sciatic nerve pain.
She actively explains the issues at hand and gives clear instructions on how to best move forwards with the task of rehabilitation and strengthening the area."
J. Baker, London.

"I have a physical job, and had over done it to point where something in my lumber ‘popped’. Walking became difficult, lifting or bending an impossibility. So I sought help, a random internet search in my local area, had the practise Berni was at highly recommended. So I booked my appointment.

She was very upfront and honest with her initial assessment of my mobility and after a sit down chat through my symptoms, outline of diet/lifestyle, and seeing what I could physically do unaided, she got me on to the table and immediately started to re-aline my pelvis and look at my lumber. She was not shrinking in acting on what was needed immediately and got me to a point in the first session where I could, with more comfort, walk out of the practise.

Over the next weeks, going an hour, once a week, she built me back up and gave me exercises to complete and build upon. Over the first month, I got stronger and fitter, in a quicker arch than I thought, but more importantly to me, she helped get me back to work. Berni eased me down from once a week to once a fortnight and despite the severity of my injury I was fully fit again within 6 months, and given the tools to maintain the work and not risk future injury.

I’d recommend her highly to anyone seeking fair and honest care."

A. Robertson, London