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Connolly Osteopathy

Osteopathy and Medical Acupuncture
Pregnancy and Post Natal Therapy
Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Mobile Osteopath in Surrey and London

Phone: 07453 128 759

Email: [email protected]

What to expect:
  • Questions about your medical history.
  • Questions about your current problem.
  • Requests of medical imaging previously taken, where possible.
  • Privacy and respect of modesty.
  • Being asked to perform simple movements for observation of the joints.
  • Examination of the joints and associated tissues (ligaments, muscles and nerves where appropriate).
  • Request of consent before treatment and during treatment.
  • Advised exercises to support and maintain the tissues after treatment.
Please note:
It is likely that the treated areas will be sore for up to four days.
This discomfort is part of the healing process and your osteopath will be happy to advise you should you have any concerns.

What to expect on your first osteopathy appointment...

On your first appointment, a detailed case history will be taken, including any notable injuries, previous hospitalisations and prescribed medications. This appointment can take up to one hour to complete but allows the practitioner to define any possible underlying issues contributing to your current complaint.​​

In order to examine, you may be asked to remove items of clothing at your discretion. Blankets are readily available to protect your modesty however, it is advised that all patients wear undergarments they feel comfortable in for the examination. 
You are welcome to bring a chaperone for your appointment.

All patients under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, other adults may chaperone with written parental consent.

A treatment will be formed based on the findings of the examination, consent for treatment is crucial as it is preferred that the patient is at ease during this process. Options will be discussed with the patient before an agreed treatment plan begins. 

Once treatment is completed the patient will be reassessed and given information on exercises which will benefit the complaint after treatment.  This will help improve the healing process in between treatments, making it advisable to complete when possible. ​​